Carbon Fiber Driveshaft are becoming more commonly used in commercial, automobile, industrial and marine. They tends to be used in most specialized and demanding field because their interesting way of mixing with other materials which includes:


Better Reliability: When torque is applied all drive shafts twist to some degree. Carbon Fiber (composite) drive shafts have a torsional spring rate somewhat less than aluminum and about 50% of that of steel. The upside of a lower spring rate is less driveline shock and a decrease in weight on other drivetrain parts, as well as increased traction.

Lighter weight: The lighter weight Carbon Fiber Driveshaft will expand your fuel economy, your rotational mass.

Reduced vibration and noise: A smoother rider is effortless on your equipment and operator. As a result, Carbon drive shafts are tend to last longer and subjected to less stress. The same can be said for powertrain

Higher RPM: Driveline vibration is a typical issues that can limit RPM. In situation like racing scenario, metal drive shafts experience consonant whip, restricting usable RPM and forcing them to run the engine well underneath redline in each gear. A carbon fiber driveshafts was introduced that permitted a 1000 RPM which will increase in usable engine speed and gave the engine an opportunity to work at its power peak. give you the best quality Carbon fiber Driveshaft for your vehicles. Get your OEM replacement carbon fiber driveshaft at better price only in our online auto parts store . CALL US TODAY!!! At +1 (800) 585-2331